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Hardwood Floor Sanding, Installation and Refinishing
Baltimore MD

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Hardwood Floor Installation Baltimore MD

Floor Medic is equipped to handle any type of new installation including nail/stapling solid or engineered hardwood to wood subfloors, glue downs to concrete, and floating engineered floors.

What Kind Of Installation Do I Need?

Solid unfinished hardwood has been the traditional choice in the Maryland and Washington DC area due to the large number of wood subfloors and with wood floor joist construction. Determining what kind of subfloor you actually have narrows down which type of installation is best suited for you, but doesn't rule out other types of installation.

Solid Hardwood Floor Installation

Flooring usually comes unfinished, which is then installed and finished on-site or prefinished, which is completely finished at the factory with several coats of durable finish.

Wood Floor Installation in Maryland

Prefinished or Site finished?

We know the decision to install wood flooring in your home is a big decision, and with so many options available, it can be a confusing decision as well. Floor Medic is here to help.

One of the questions that comes up often is whether prefinished wood flooring or solid unfinished flooring that is in house sand and finished should be used.

Prefinished disadvantages to consider as well


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